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Archive for September, 2015

5 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal

Posted on September 30th, 2015

If you’re considering having an in-sink garbage disposal installed, it’s probably for convenience’s sake. But this handy kitchen appliance might have more tricks up its sleeve than you realize. Here are five reasons to install a garbage disposal: 1. Easy cleanup They say the best way to keep a clean kitchen is to pick up […]

Pros & Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Posted on September 24th, 2015

While tankless water heaters offer an array of benefits, they’re not necessarily right for every homeowner. To help you make an educated decision, we’ve outlined some pros and cons. Read through to learn more, and don’t hesitate to contact Plumbing Medic for advice from a local plumber. Pros Lower energy costs – One of the […]

3 Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Posted on September 21st, 2015

We at Plumbing Medic recognize that some simple plumbing tasks can be tackled without the help of a professional. In fact, we encourage our customers to take on relatively easy projects on their own! But that’s not to say every plumbing issue can be managed by the average homeowner. We’ve rounded up a few of […]

The RIGHT Way to Dispose of Grease & Oil

Posted on September 16th, 2015

Most of us know not to pour cooking grease and oil down the sink. But what exactly are you supposed to do with it? Luckily, there are several options to choose from — none of which will clog your pipes. First, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t pour fats down the drain. Cooking oil solidifies after […]

How-To Videos from Plumbing Medic

Posted on September 9th, 2015

Back in March we put together a blog post with simple plumbing tips from our service manager, Mike Roberts. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added several new instructional plumbing videos to our collection! Below, learn about everything from how to change a washer hose to how to fix a leaky hose bib: How-To […]

What Causes Pipe Corrosion?

Posted on September 2nd, 2015

Pipe corrosion is more common than you think. In fact, it’s estimated that it costs US homeowners more than $1 billion annually. But what exactly causes pipe corrosion? Below, the experts of Plumbing Medic explain: Water quality Water with a pH of 6.8 or less can dissolve copper over time. This type of water is […]

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Posted on September 2nd, 2015

Has the hot water in your house been not so hot as of lately? That old water heater could be the root of all your problems. Depending on its condition and age, it may need to be replaced. Before you make such an expensive decision, perform maintenance to increase its current efficiency and longevity. Take […]

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