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DIY Ideas

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Bad Odor Coming From Your Drain?

If you have a noxious odor coming from your kitchen sink area you may have some left over food particles that are starting to decay in your garbage disposal. To help dislodge and clean the disposal, you can run some water down the disposal then turn the disposal on. While the disposal is running and water is still on, put a couple cups of ice cubes into it and wait until the ice cubes have been crushed and cleared out. Then turn off the disposal, and then turn off the water. By doing this you will help to keep your disposal clean and keep the odor away.

Wanna make it smell awesome? Add some lemon peels with the ice. This will freshen up the disposal.

Choose the Right Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Many toilet bowl cleaners are sold in stores to help keep your toilet clean. If you choose this as your preferred cleaning solution, do NOT put these items in the tank of the toilet. Even if the label says it’s safe. Instead, get something that clips onto the bowl of the toilet.

The reason for this is that those cleaning agents many times have chlorine and other types of cleaner that soak into the gaskets that prevent water leaks from happening. When the gaskets come in contact with the cleaning agents they can break down and deteriorate faster. Remember that when a toilet leaks, it leaks onto the floor and can cause damage to your property.

Help Prevent Leaks and Floods


Remember to exercise your plumbing system regularly, it’s quick and easy, and the most overlooked money saver out there.

  • Open and close each emergency shut off valve annually.
  • Flush your water heater.
  • Run any unused drains weekly.
  • Maintain your temperature and pressure relief valve annually by turning it on and letting it run for 10 seconds.

This ensures a valuable safety system will continue to protect your home and your family and will alert you to danger should it arise.

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