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Easy​ ​Water​ ​Conservation Tips​ ​Around​ ​the​ ​Home

Whether you want to save a few dollars or just save a little bit of the planet, there are tons of tips on how to limit your water use and save some for the fishes. If you’re interested in either of those things, this list is for you. We’ve gathered together super easy tasks people can do in their home to assist with water conservation.

Tip #1: The kitchen. Sometimes after dinner, you’ll go to the sink and just toss the plate in the sink and leave it there for the magic dish fairy to clean. Or you’re the magic dish fairy and you give the dish a rinse before placing it in the dishwasher. Good news, you no longer have to do this. Sometimes a good scrape off the dish is all you need. Most dishwashers now don’t require a pre-rinse. You don’t have to waste the water pre-cleaning a dish before placing it in the dishwasher. Just double check with your dishwasher’s owner manual to see if it says the same. Be careful not to over load the unit.

Tip#2: While we are here, let’s talk about that dishwasher. This glorious device is a big help in the kitchen, however if it’s packed wrong, it could lead to unwashed dishes. Space your dishes out, do not over load, and you will be fine. If it is over packed, you’ll get those dishes with grime of past meals remaining on it. Then that means you’re taking it to the kitchen sink to use more water to rise off the dish and clean it again.

Tip#3: The tap! Turn it off. If you’re washing dishes because you dislike the dishwasher, fill one of the basins up with water, plug it up, and turn off the water. This will help you use less running water over the time you’re at the sink. Same goes for brushing your teeth, when you’re there brushing away, turn off the faucet.

Tip#4: Have you ever been up to something at home and then you hear the toilet start to hiss or run then stop? What is going on is the tank is filling back up until the fill valve and flapper close off the water. Which means, you have a leak of some sort. A running toilet can use up to a few hundred gallons a day. Same with the sink, if it’s dripping, it’s wasting water. Go the DIY route to save some pennies or call a trained plumber to take a look at these things as they can assess what the cause is.

Tip#5: If you have a pet dog, wash the pup outside! That way you also give back to the grass outside. Running the bath or shower uses way more watch. Turn off the hose as you are between rinses on Fido.

Tip #6: Cut down on your shower time. Cutting your shower by a few minutes every day adds up big time! Even if you just shut the water off while washing your hair can save up to 150 gallons a month.


These are just a few of the hundreds of tips out there to help conserve water around the home. These tips are super easy to follow along with. Give it a try and let us know if any of them work out for you. You’ll be saving the planet a little and saving some money on your bills. Remember, if you have any plumbing related issues at home, be sure to give us a call. PHONES ANSWERED 24/7. SAME DAY SERVICE.

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