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Why Water Heater Inspections are Important

Posted on January 31st, 2018

Delaying water heater maintenance is never a good idea. You rely on your water heater for around-the-clock hot water. Imagine how unpleasant showering and bathing will become without your water heater. Here are 3 good reasons why you should schedule a yearly professional water heater inspection.

Tank Water Heater

1. Prevent Major Problems
You’re taking a major risk by ignoring your water heater. The chance of a malfunction increases the longer the water heater goes without an inspection. Warning signs, such as corrosion and sediment buildup, are easy to spot during an inspection. You’ll have the chance to address problems before things get beyond repair.

2. Lower Water Heating Costs
It takes a significant amount of energy to operate a water heater. It’s estimated that a water heating system accounts for up to 18 percent of home energy use. If your system isn’t working properly, then it could be costing more than you realize. A yearly inspection will keep your water heater operating at peak efficiency.

3. Protect Your Family
Carbon monoxide leaks are possible if you have a faulty gas water heater. This is extremely dangerous, as the gas is odorless and deadly. Stomach upset, physical weakness, dizziness, and headache are possible indicators of carbon monoxide poisoning. Chest pain, vomiting, and mental fogginess are also symptoms.

An improperly vented water heater is the most common cause of these leaks. A professional inspector can make sure your heater is properly ventilated.

  •  Inspection Procedure
    The average cost of a new water heater is around $850 and up for a 50 to 40 gallon tank. A tankless heater costs more, with prices starting around $3000. Maintaining your current equipment with yearly maintenance is a more economical choice. But it’s also possible that a new water heater is your best option. Over time, parts can wear out or get rusty. There may even be better equipment available.

Plumbing & A/C Medic technicians are trained to install and repair gas, electric, tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters. Our water heater maintenance covers several steps, including checking for leaks, corrosion, and obstructions. For gas heaters, we thoroughly check the venting system for signs of damage or improper installation.

Plumbing & A/C Medic is a plumbing, rooter, heating and cooling company. Our 24-hour emergency services are available to residents in the Phoenix Valley area.

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