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Why Are Women Colder Than Men?

Posted on September 12th, 2017

We are not talking about personalities, although that might also be true! We are talking about how they feel temperature and how the two sexes react to air conditioning. Do you ever notice that in the office or at home, women tend to be wearing heavier clothing and might even need a sweater, while men feel comfortable? There is a reason for that and we are going to explain it to you!

air conditioning repair- zoned cooling system

  • Core Temperatures Are Higher- According to a study from the University of Maryland, women actually have a warmer core temperature than men. This might lead you to believe that they would be warmer, but warmer cores lead to air conditioning feeling even colder!
  • Contraception Cooling- Hormonal forms of birth control will raise a female’s core temperature even more. Just as we said in our first point, a higher core temperature will lead to more sensitivity to the cold.
  • Fingers and Toes- We get rid of and acquire heat from our extremities and studies tell us that women have colder extremities than men. We wouldn’t recommend wearing gloves in the office though, it might not be a good look.
  • Women are Slower- We don’t mean physically or intellectually, we mean that just scientifically women have slower metabolic rates than men. This also makes it harder for them to lose weight (sigh). Slower metabolic rates result in less energy production and less energy leads to slower heating and temperature regulation.

Here at Plumbing & A/C Medic, we install and repair A/C systems so that they can work for all sexes. We are all about equality here and we think your air conditioner should be too!

If you are in need of repairs or would like an estimate for a new air conditioner, call the experts at Plumbing & A/C Medic today!

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